Traveling Yoga Pants Across America

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Traveling Yoga Pants Across America

My traveling yoga pants across America is my solo trip across America. One girl one motorcycle adventure solo ride on an F650GS single that was the most excellent adventure. Not only  do I travel with my yoga pants everywhere I go, they are just so easy to slip under my bike pants so that when I stop traveling for the day, I can rip my pants off and have cool yoga pants on underneath, chuck on some thongs or for Y'all in America flip-flops and just cool off after being in hot but protective motorbike pants all day.

The traveling yoga pants that took me to unexpected places and awesome adventures.  Adventures as deep as the emotional roller coaster of hot yoga, the relief of the meditation at the end of hot yoga, the satisfaction of yes! I did it and the friendships that draw us together through pushing through. All of which comes with solo travel on two wheels and yoga pants all mixed into one, and so much to gain from the experience.

My intention is to give you a taste of my adventures, to make you curious enough to go and even take your yoga pants with you. To share what I packed on the trip, not excluding the yoga pants (too much! ok I'll stop with the yoga pants) But just in case you might have the urge to do a trip from the West to East coast of America in your bucket list I will share with you how I did it, with yoga pants or without. 

Don't Over Think It, Just Do It

What worked for me for this trip was not to over think it. OR thinking too hard about it and just grasping the opportunity that appeared and went for it.

Traveling long distances in a car bus, plane train or motorbike is always fun but open your self to what you need and orientate it to see the good with the bad. Why? because if I allowed myself to get overwhelmed with some of the unfortunate things that happened on the trip I would not have seen the gifts that came of the situations I had to tackle.

A positive outlook helps especially when the seem of your beloved yoga pants that have been with you for years traveled 100 countries and they are ready for replacement. But you have been through so much adventure together that you are reluctant to give them up until they start to give up on you!

It takes resilience. The resilience to keep going. (You can interpret that as you please)

Taking the ups and downs in your stride, do everything you can to solve the problem and having the resilience to keep trying to solve the problem that presents and one foot in front of the other you will find momentum and the learnings turn into gifts. It's the same with business. Take every experience and travel like you mean it.

Traveling Long Distance 

When I travel long distances on my motorbike, it can get a little hard on the body, so keep your fluids up and stop often, stretch and keep the blood well oxygenated. If you are getting tired, hot and hard to keep your concentration then start to use your breath, concentrate on getting as much breathing to the blood as you can. 

At the time I was in the USA I was studying Power Yoga Teacher Training certification and had planned to go to the USA to study a Master Practitioners Certification in Neuro-linguistic Programming. The truth is, my trip across America was a last-minute thought.

Yes, I was going to just go to Las Vegas but I decided to take the opportunity to ride across the States because I met a friend on my course who opened up an invitation to leave my bike with her in New Hamshire.

After I successfully completed my training in NLP through which I had gained a lot of information, my brain was full because it was full of intensive study for 2 weeks. I felt like I needed time to process it. Instead of going with my friends Why not have an have an adventure while over in the states, I picked up my bike from a friends place in Sanjose and rode to New York via Las Vegas to do my training. 

I left the bike with a friend in New Hampshire.

Traveling across the states I was limited for space so the yoga pants where a great option for under my gear so that was the start of my adventure across America with my traveling yoga pants.

My yoga teacher training came in handy as did my yoga pants and I believe to this date that my Yoga Breath I used while riding across America Saved my life.

Riding through the Mojave Desert

It was 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It was bloody hot! To keep my concentration, I had to use my yoga breath work to just concentrate it was that hot I had to use the breath in a consistent breath to keep the oxygen flow as the heat was ridiculous.

Arriving in Las Vagas where I studied for a few weeks. I used my yoga pants every day of course! I did my yoga in the morning before I went to my studies and at night I used them to do some meditation after a walk or run.

I had two pairs of yoga pants I traveled with and then take up no space at all, I was able to wear them to bed when it was cold and outside when I went for a run, or even under a dress as leggings. They were so versatile. My traveling yoga pants have traveled far and wide with me and I still travel with them today.

Hash, Unforgiving but Magnificent

No, not my yoga pants just the countryside! My journey across America was incredible, at times the weather was unforgiving but beautiful at the same time.

The vastness of the country made me think of a time when the gold rush travelers on foot and by horseback when travel was not as easy as it is today.

They were brave and courageous people who traveled by horse and cart some even walked. No Yoga pants in sight then, can you imagine the shock? Life is so much easier now.

The country, like Australia, can be unforgiving and deadly. Which I experienced first hand in 50 degrees or almost 100-degree Celcius. It was scary it was so hot hard to keep my concentration. 

Having ridden my motorbike solo across America and seen the most incredible sights and meet the most welcoming people who made my trip so wonderful I would highly recommend solo traveling. 

One of the highlights was going to Wisconsin’s Oshkosh air show and as a new recreational pilot, I just loved being part of it.

As a volunteer offered my time for a week and I get trained as an aircraft marshaller in the warbirds area, so I stayed for a week and volunteered every day because I just loved being on the airfield with the aircraft marshaling at the air show.

It was an amazing experience. And yes, I wore my yoga pants with the Tee shirt they gave me so it was easy.

After the air show I road around the Great Lakes to Canada and through to Niagara Falls and straight through to New York and up to New Hampshire where I left the bike with another adventurous soul and a great friend.

A GPS would be good!

A GPS for the ride across the United States of America didn't work out that way for me.

A dealer I had bought the motorbike from back a few years before in San Jose was the first call. As I road through the streets on my F650GS a little bit nervous, I had to keep saying to myself "keep the lines on the left" that was my little mantra for this trip.

On the trip before I had my partner on his bike with the GPS on it an I just followed him. So I went to the dealer to see if anyone could hook it up for me but to no avail. I waited a few hours for them to rig up the GPS paid $200 for their time but it didn't work.

No GPS. It was all brail from there on. Yes, I got lost a bit, but I got there eventually.

This little adventure story is to share my experience with you and to share with you some of the things I packed and were helpful to me.

Yes, I am also going to share with you items I have in the shop for you to purchase. After all, that is why it was put together in the beginning to make your life of travel a little more productive than mine has been so that you can learn from my mistakes.

In the past spent so much money on gear, that was not necessary, I thought would be good but to find out it was really not necessary. so that you can find out the things that helped me the most. What a journey! So here are the things I packed where minimal because I only had a pair of panniers to put my gear.

The following items are the most useful things I took with me.

  • Yoga pants x2
  • Jeans
  • Seamless bandana x2
  • A couple T-shirts long and short
  • Travel cup
  • One piece Bathers
  • Waterproof sacks
  • Helmet bag

 Global travel has taught me a lot

In all the travels that I have done around the world, it has taught me what is helpful to travel with and what is not.

Having traveled to 70 countries and still going, what is important is the experience not so much the stuff, but the right gear can make it very simple.

Here is what I wish I had with me:

  • Packing cells. - great for putting you dirty laundry or separation of cloths
  • Bracket cords for mobile charging
  • Solar power pack charger - great to keep your gear charged
  • Cotton Scarfs - use to sit on it in the park, great as a towel, scarf.
  • Linen scarf - use it as a scarf, keep you warm on flights and public transport and restaurants, I always have a scarf with me.
  • Mosquito net hammock
  • Motorbike mobile charger adapter
  • T-shirt dress long sleeve - something you can dress up and wear to the beach
  • Pocket travel cup - I always travel with my own cup it just feels good.
  • Retractable charger cord
  • Ultralight vest duck down - use it as a pillow and to keep you warm on flights.
  • Deep Tea Diver for my tea - I will never have crappy tea again with this little guy to infuse my good quality tea, I hate tea bags! Just because you travel doesn't mean you have to have bad tea.
  • Hydration backpack - doubles as a daypack, backpack just remove the bladder
  • Waterproof phone pouch - just in case it rains 
  • Yoga pants with pocket - a must have for a mobile phone. 

When I go traveling I use my yoga pants for pajamas and to just have casual wear because I love to walk or run on the first day I arrive somewhere so I can get my bearings.

I love to travel with items that I can use for so many different ways. When camping I use yoga pants around the camp or I can dress them up to go out. Even when I am on long flights. I pretty much live in my yoga pants and jeans while I travel and that's why I call them traveling yoga pants.

Having traveled across three continents on a motorbike, the gear I take on trips has changed dramatically.

On my travels, I have learned to take gear I can use every day. Gear that has multi uses like scarves and packing cell just allow you to make use of your space better.

As for tools I just take chain oil and the tools that come with the bike, however, I do now travel with gum after breaking down in the Mojave Desert and almost losing the small bolt that disconnected the power to my battery power but that’s another story and one has written about in the past.

To bring all to an end and the beginning of a new one...

Being curious and hungry to learn, I would love to hear what your favorite motorbike travel item is or just your favorite travel item. I would love to hear what it is that you travel with or if you travel with pair yoga pants!  


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