Follow Your Dreams No Matter What

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Follow Your Dreams No Matter What


Discover What it Takes to Follow Your Dreams, No Matter What

What it takes to have the determination to make it your dreams come true.

Here is the story of a corporate executive and a man with a dream. Who had the heart to make take action to make a dream he had and bring it to life. 

Looking for inspiration? Meet Christophe a man who is unstoppable. A man with a dream that became him and who made his dream of becoming a Dakar Rally Racer his reality.

Most people talk about it, and think about it, but very few make it happen, or know how to make it happen. We will put up all the barriers, convince yourself we can't. This man only knows how to make it happen.   

I met Christophe quiet a few years back now and he is not only an inspiration in my eye's for what he has achieved but he also has an enormous heart and compassion and driving force. 

Christophe is a man of adventure, passionate man with no boundaries.He will stop at nothing to make his dreams come true, even if it kills him.

Mans Best Friend

As you will discover in the movie, his training partner is a dog named Bisu. Bisu is his dog and trusty training companion for the Dakar Rally.  But there is more and the story goes on to be the most remarkable story about the love of his companion, determination, and drive.

There is a deep message that keeps you glued to the screen as you watch this movie of Dream Racer in so many ways. Discover the true friendship of mans best friend and how man and dog worked together to create a dream.

Mindset for Dreams Come True

It takes pure passion and a drive to make things happen. Christophe talks about how he achieved his dreams and the story of how it was impossible until it was done. His mindset of pure focus, his struggle with all the barriers that appeared and pure persistence that allowed his dream to become a reality.

Christophe is also a motivational speaker and coach. A man with a mission to change your mind about how you can achieve your dreams. The courage it took to express his desires all the way through to competing against himself to make it a reality and no longer just a dream.

The Story Has Power Change Lives 

The story of Dream Racer is the greatest gift of all for those who are looking for a new adventure, new motivation and want to be inspired. Enjoy!

See how dream racer has saved his dog Bisou with training Chicka his new Labrador to guide Bisou as Bisou loses her sight. It's another remarkable story!

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