How to Get a More Adventurous Life in 2018

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How to Get a More Adventurous Life in 2018

How do you get a more adventurous life in 2018 one that really lights your fire, makes you excited and drives you toward a more fulfilling life doing the things that are most meaningful to you?

We found it was the letting go of all the stuff to enhance our life and business experiences. So what do I mean by a more adventurous life. Adventure is doing something with a known risk but doing it anyway, a bit like trading bit coin! You know there is risk but you go for the experience. And you know, no matter what happens you are armed with new knowledge so there is nothing to lose really because you will always have the bonus of what you learned and have a reference point for the future.  

Letting go of the life I created in the same place, the people, community spirit was a lesson in detachment in itself, I decided to minimize to maximise our life experience and explore our business and life on the road. It was an idea a dream, but I knew I had to let go of the stuff. I wanted to experience more adventure and simplify my life so that I could explore more about business and life.

A Lesson in Detachment

Selling of everything that I had collected over my travels that I have dragged around with me for decades, all gone. And I am down to a motorbike a 4 wheel drive, my partner in crime and my dog and a handful of art pieces that I put into storage. I even gave away the dogs bowls we minimized to maximize our life experience. A lesson in detachment and letting go.

Detachment from all the stuff was such a journey in itself. What I thought was important became just stuff and replicable. However, after doing it you realize, home is where your heart is and where the people you choose to share your life with. You realise that you don’t need what you use to think was important to you, the things you collect and gather dust for the sake of propagating dust mites! It all creeps up on you and suddenly you have a house filled with stuff you don’t use or need. The detachment process is cleansing to say the least and we are able to experience life and engage in others experiences to learn from on our journey.

Comfort Zones

 When the opportunity presents itself it seems the first thing we do is to allow the self-dialogue to think we can’t. Our ability to create excellent excuses to stay within our comfort zone so you use words like “I can’t do that ….I don’t have the time… I don’t think I can do that…” and so on. In limiting ourselves we destroy opportunity. We forget to give our self-permission that just maybe we can if we focus on what we want, not what we don’t want.

Comfort Zones

Stepping outside the comfort zone is where the gold is. But what if you gave yourself permission and that, just maybe you could conceive the opportunity and act on it gracefully. All this is often on the outside of your comfort zone.

When you step out of that comfort zone and notice what comes up for you emotionally, accept it and learn something from it. To embrace the ability to enjoy the change even if it feels uncomfortable. Even if it doesn’t seem to be your own choice we have the opportunity to learn from it.

In my experience so far, having only been on the road for a few weeks I have met challenges as does everyone, no matter how they choose to live their life, some experience more than others especially at the moment.

We are all challenged with life-changing opportunity in the shape of loss of loved ones, tragedy, life-threatening health issues, however, we have also met magical people who surround us, like-minded adventurous souls, who inspire and shine the light on how life can be a different experience. It is all a matter of choice.

The Extraordinary

I have met extraordinary people, families who have made their dreams happen and made it into a business by simply finding a real problem and solving it. And you think you can't do it because you have kids, well think again.

We met Rob and Michelle a few years back now, they took their children on the road and they are the most well-adjusted children I have ever met. They are doing and experiencing extraordinary things, that a school could never teach them in a classroom.

As a coach and businesswoman, the best gift I can get from life is to meet these adventurous souls, changing the way they experience life and to hold a space for others to enjoy. That’s what it is all about experiences, adventure and people that inspire you, who are creating their dreams after such adversity and being the light that guides others just being themselves and giving their very best. I love it!

Is Fear Holding You Back From Your Dreams?

If you are thinking of living an inspired life or just want to find a new direction more aligned with who you truly are and want to bring it into reality then the opportunity is always there, you just need a strategy and system in place to make it happen.

Understand what you value in life, without the fear, and just give it a go! Fear will get you nowhere. So, feel the fear and do it anyway. However, to do that you need to change your focus from fear to possibility.

3 things you need to know about fear:

  1. Fear is an illusion, that we create and propagate, we give it energy by focusing on what we don't want, it only hinders and fogs the mind. It creeps up on us throughout our daily experience if we allow it. However, learning how to control that fear is possible by managing your thoughts. 
  2. Fear will keep you from moving forward and it will rob you from being your true self and experiencing something great.
  3. Fear prevents you from reaching your true potential and purpose. If fear and anxiety have crept into your life through an unexpected change of direction in life, or a knowing that something needs to change but your not sure how then ask yourself "What is important to me now?".

If you are experiencing a career change from the military service to civilian life, mining industry, aviation or just needing a new direction, then embrace the change by simplifying everything.

As a Master Mindset Coach and adventurous lifestyle entrepreneur, helping you discover your unique freedom lifestyle. We can support you in change and have a personal program that will suit you to continue to inspire your dreams and learn how to bring you more freedom and live a location independent lifestyle. You don't have to go alone. Learn from someone who can show you how to create the life and business you love. 

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