Motorcycling Around Australia

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Motorcycling Around Australia

Motorcycle Around Australia Opened Unexpected Doorways to Opportunity  

Setting off with an idea to help people with depression in rural Australia as I rode my motorbike around this grand country turned into meeting and helping and a global community, what a ride, what and adventure! 

Australia opened up Unexpected doorways to Opportunity.  If I had stayed in Noosa and wished I had, I would have missed a world of growth and opportunity. The adventure opens up your world and feeds your soul.

A dream to ride around Australia was the itch I had to scratch after riding across America Solo. Once you start you can't stop!  With a realisation I had not ridden around my own country, I set off to plan it and that was the next adventure. I wanted to do it and help others along the way. 

This adventure soon opened a doorway to a global startup community, that was totally unexpected but absolutely the best adventure yet.

The thing with travel is you just never know what doorways will open for you. The other thing about travel is that if you see it as a short-term experience you won't get the most out of it, but if you see it as part of life, the doors will fling open, because your mind is more open to it.

Time Factor 

Riding Australia can be done in a couple of months but why would you, when there is so much to experience. And wow, what an adventure which took me Ten mths.

This trip was a test to see if I could run a business on the road, living a working on the road. Why because with the internet we are always connected.  So we (My road crew Mark and Dakar) that's a bit cheeky I know but a great crew to have!! this was just life and took our time.  I felt as lucky as Charlie Borman with his camera crew with him. Only I did the cooking!

It's a lot of miles 24,000 km and some great places to stay and discover along the way. 

I am often asked "what is your favorite place and I have to say it's never the place it is the experience I have in the place, the people you meet,  that is what makes it for me.

Boring!! " is a lack of creativity"

Australia on two wheels is great and sometimes unforgiving but not boring or perhaps that is my patriotism peaking out.

On my way up the West coast I did bump into an English bloke on a KLR riding from the north and I met him around Exmouth area and traveling solo. He looked tired and I said g'day and he attempted to start a conversation by saying "it's a bit borin in it?"

Boring it was not. Barron? Yes. Fecking hot? Yes. But not "Bornin" that's just a state of mind, not a fact, ever, Boring is a lazy mindset choice.

I was a bit shell-shocked because I was coming from the south and what I had seen so far was crazy beautiful and really far from borin! I think the poor bloke was a bit over traveling alone and just wanted to get home.

Each to there own. However, being a therapist I did notice he was very dehydrated, so that is really something to be mindful of when traveling on bikes over long distances. 

So I thought I would share with you what I learned and the gear that I found really great. I have traveled on motorbikes all over the world Europe, Solo across America and around Australia up to the Cape and tried all types of gear. So, here are some things that help me on my travels.  

 Some Gear I Used That Was Most Useful

And will not go one the next adventure with As you can see by the picture I road a BMW F650 GS and it was fantastic. I use off-road tires (Tyre ) so I had no dramas, off road!

I know what your thinking, "just tell me what I need to know if I was to do it?". Well travel is a personal experience, so what I say is great, you may have a different experience, but after all my experience of 25 countries and 3 continents of motorcycle travel, these are simple solutions to my traveling on motorcycles that I love. The things travel gear I found the most useful was the seamless bandanas. 

1. Seamless Bandana


Motorcycle phone charger

Very handy to have. It is a must these days. 

Fluro Bright Backpack with Camelback Insert

These are great because you can use them when your hiking, and take the bladder out if you need.  from my experience it is great. Rather than wearing a fluoro jacket that flaps in the wind why Wouldnt you put it to work?



Pure Cotton Scarf

These pure cotton scarfs are multi-use and I use them almost every day. as a towel, on the beach, over my bathers as a beach skirt. it is just the most useful piece that I have ever traveled with I love them. I have 2 with me Dark color and light color and they come in all colors. Check out the range.


These Goose down jackets are fantastic when it got really cold I layered up this jacket and it's also great for cold nights in a swag! I also used it for under my BMW airflow jacket for warmth. If it rained I would put my Motorcycle 2 piece jacket and pants over the top of my motorcycle gear.  

Down Long Sleeve Jacket

After all my global travel on Motorbikes, I found that layering is the best. This long sleeve down jacket can be used as a pillow too. 

This little jacket was great for under my BMW airflow jacket for the times of unexpected cold days. I roll my jacket up to use it as a pillow on flights and camping and takes it's just really handy.



Discovering a Global Community 

Having started my trip with an idea of helping people, I discovered on the way was a magical Global Community that now has me and my travel and life partner Volunteering our time as we travel purposely, and now it has become a new family.

We plan one weekend every 2 months for the Tech Stars Startup Weekend event family and so far we have about 12 and growing.

 I hope to see at a startup weekend in 2018. 

My Adventure does not end there... 

Well, yes, I did ride around Australia, and I am so glad I did it because it gave me a ground real-time view of how people in rural Australia were dealing with change. And how to approach the market I was looking at. 

It's not about the problem and often we get stuck here.  

I rode across the Nullarbor plains and it was truly beautiful, but saddened to see how much rubbish people leave in the campsites on the way. 

Then I turned left toward the coast of WA and someone turned on the tap! it rained so hard that the next day we went inland. 

but I soon discovered that there was this Global community called the Startup Weekend community (Link to startup weekend) that was really solving the problem and so the idea of focusing on the problem was not giving me a clear solution as does, bringing someone's idea and finding a team to turning your idea into a business. 

What a powerful concept. Have you ever had an idea and five or more years later it's still floating around in your head?

in but in exploring this new global startup community I discovered something bigger. An opportunity to help others through bringing their ideas to life in 54 hours. So I certainly landed a new adventure, and To explore what was really happening on the ground around Australia.

I had a dream to experience life differently and help people as a mindset coach with this terrible problem of depression. However, by traveling Australia on my motorbike and my partner in our 4 Wheel drive and rooftop tent we explored the continent but discovered we could add a lot of value to the Global startup community. 

What I thought I was going to do for remote communities I discovered that addressing the problem directly was not the answer before

 Need some adventure inspiration?

want some inspiration for achieving your dreams check out this DVD as a gift to yourself and a motivational tool or to those you want to motivate to come on your adventure. this is a true story about a business executive who had a dream to be a Dakar Rally Racer. 

What I would have taken with me is...

A drone, definitely a drone! A pocket drone. All these products are available on the Global adventure shop. 

And the adventure continues...

After lapping Australia we are still traveling taking turns on the bike and currently in QLD. The weather is great and life as digital nomads continue. 

How to know where to stay?

We use the Free Range Camping Website, and now newly released app to find great information about where to stay if it was dog-friendly.  The app is only newly out so Jump on it. We found great out of the way station stays which we totally love and prefer to stay. 

In conclusion

A gypsy at heart I am happiest when I am in the bush or traveling and experiencing new things and meeting new people. To round up my experience, Just do it! don't wait just go, mate!

As I was heading back through Queensland, I had a beautiful moment as I zoomed into Longreach I realised that was my complete loop of Australia done and was coming out of town and I thought I'll get a photo under the wing of the 747 Boeing, that will be nice!

As I sat there getting my photo taken under the wing of the 747 I realised that, wow! this is my story, and it use to be my life and a great adventure, as an International Flight Attendant and that old bird use to be my office and now my office is here, riding my bike around the globe, helping startups and helping you discover more freedom, it was a really special moment. 

Where to Next?

We go north to Mission Beach for Christmas.

I hope this information is of use to you and we are always open to questions so join us on our Facebook page. See you there.




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