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G'day I am Linda McCall.  Also meet Mark Phillips and our Chief Navigator, Dakar Dingo.

Together as a crew, we have been full-time digital nomads since September 2015 - travelling, working, exploring, volunteering and playing. Reaching out to the rural communities of Australia's outback startups to ensure continuous growth in innovation.

Since we travel, we see more of what is really going on in the startup business world.  We are able to meet with communities and have the ability to create great connections with startups and find out their unique stories. 

Between us, we have travelled to over 100 countries (Linda 70 and Mark 101) and love adventure. We travel by 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser and a BMW Dual Sports motorcycle, which we take turns riding. Camping keeps life simple and very social. We have motorbikes on three continents and both love flying light sports aircraft as well as hot air balloons.  We are living our adventure lifestyle.

You will find us volunteering our time mentoring at Startups Weekends, Startup Youth, Hackathons and other emerging business events as we go.  

If you have not already met our wingman-dog/ chief navigator, Dakar Dingo,

Dakar is a rescue dog from Noosa's  RSPCA and we got him at 3 months old.  He attended puppy school and spent two years being trained by The Canine Classroom in Noosa QLD and achieved Advanced Level Training Certification. He is a super smart dog who has now travelled around Australia one and a half times and to two countries (Australia and the Principality of Hutt River).

You can follow Dakar on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Where to next? Connect with us, follow us and join us somewhere in the world at one of our workshops or events.  

So, where to next? Keep doing the stuff that blows your hair back and ADVENTURE ON!

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect and inspire adventure travel and explore what's possible in the world. We want to share with you how we travel to what works with products we use as we travel full time on the road, working, travelling living our adventures each day with our dingo! 

We want to make your dream of living an adventure lifestyle a reality. you don't have to do, but we do want you to live your dream whatever that looks like for you. After all, it is more about the people you meet than things, that's why we like to keep it simple and a bit of fun!