Dakar Rally - Dream Racer DVD

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Motorbike Adventure Rider 

He had a crazy dream an extreme dream and he made it a reality.

A Dakar Rally dream come true! The inspiring and insane story of a one man's dream to becoming a Dakar Rally racer. True story!

The Story of a Man With a Dream

We met Christophe a few years back and he is now a good friend. An inspirational man a totally compassionate and passionate human being who has the courage of a lion and determination of a driven man with a dream. He shares his journey with a very strong message of "anything is possible if you have a dream". 

Wait until you hear about what has achieved and the incredible story about his Dog who helped him train too...It's inspiring to say the least. 

This DVD will make you laugh and cry, even if you are a bloke! And make want to reach for the stars. It's a true story and will trigger the dreamer to take action. A story of how to be resilient and ride for your life.  It a gem! and an inspiring adventure.

Dream Racer Blue Ray DVD. How one man achieved his dream to be a Dakar Rally Racer and how you can build your dream and make it your reality.

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Thanks and may the force of great adventures be with you!


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